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Dark Entities and the Heart

“Dark Entities and the Heart” Explores the ways in which the ways we are thinking about relationships with people of even things actually represents our actual relationship with them.

The Shadow is a new show that I have been developing where I aim to teach the ways in which art and creative processes can help to deal with mental health issues.  If you like the show please let me know.  And if you really like the show feel free to donate to the cause for me to make more episodes, teach more classes, and create more art.

Support The Shadows

The Shadows is an art therpay program aimed at helping the world to learn to express and let go of the dark parts of ourselves through art and creative processes. Donations help to further the video project, work with inmates and youth, and create art of my own to share the message.


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Find Your Words

Suicide is a topic that has for many years been near to me.  Through my life, I have known several people who have killed themselves.  My community and the nation at large is facing an astounding rate of suicide.  The topic even hit home when my stepbrother killed himself.   Experiencing passive suicidal thoughts for many years of my life lead me to have many deep feelings on the topic.  These suicidal thoughts have receded as I age and learn to cope with life better.  The thought of suicide is a concept we get exposed to and then either carry with us or let go.  For me, I carried these thoughts for years and from time to time the idea still comes to my mind.  Now the thoughts are of sympathy and of ways to alleviate these thoughts and feeling from our community

“Find Your Words “ is a public art campaign created by Kaiser Permanente with the goal of raising awareness about mental health and suicide. The city of Pueblo was chosen to host an installment of this campaign. The painting is sectioned into three parts all repeating the phrase “WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER”.  The artists involved in the project were The Creatures Crew and Mike Fudge and then we worked as a group with The Boys and Girls Club, The Daisy Girls and other local children to create the third section of the wall.  It was great to work with Kaiser Permanent on a project related to suicide and mental health awareness.  Pueblo suffers a high suicide rate.  It was a great honor to use my voice and my art skills to help remove the stigmas surrounding the talking about mental health and suicide. Continue reading Find Your Words

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Five Finger

FiveFinger3The first thing I really excelled at was shoplifting.

You take the risk to try something for the first time for the thrill of it.

You get away with it, and before you know it becomes a habit.

Of course, I knew it was wrong, but like all things naughty, they can be exciting, so we proceed.

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Down Lo

downlo1A Shithole City: Pueblo Colorado is referred to as many things, Home Town, Home of Heroes, Steel City, Pue Town, The Blo, and currently “The Lo”.  The Lo-Down, Down-Lo, home of heroin, Steal City.  Where we gangbang for little-league, play chicken in these streets, dark figures appear in allies repeatedly, and the dragon chasers create waves for us all to ride. Continue reading Down Lo

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Dusk to Dawn



It took nearly two years for the project to come to fruition, but it finally happened; I painted a mural with a group of inmates from Florence Prison Camp outside of the prison walls in the town of Canon City.  As a group project, we painted a 45-foot long mural inside of the Prison Museum.  Working on this project was the incredibly fulfilling and also an educational experience like none I have had.  Spending a total of six days with the guys, we accomplished an impressive mural to the benefit of the public. Continue reading Dusk to Dawn

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Guns, drugs, anti-authoritarian dragons give chase, destruction, death, and peace.  Spray paintings, clouds of smoke, the rumble of the bass, the broken window trespassing, dark figures in the alley.  These are elements of events that occurred this week, in an alley and on a wall, with my main man Vogey.

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