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“Meet Your Monsters” is a coloring book/self-assessment that I created in 2016. My intention was to create a book which gives’s people an opportunity to be self-reflective in a fun, non-judgmental way. The goal is to encourage growth and healing in a way which is fun and inspiring. Confronting problems is the best, and perhaps the only way to ever defeat them.

Looking at our problems on a personal level often will lead the way to overcome fears. The book is a way to gain insights into an individual’s thoughts and feelings in an intriguing and entertaining way. The book offers a way to look at our problems while emersed in action, where we have control and also an option, a creative outlet, for the energy to flow.

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The book is designed to be used at home or on the go, in classrooms or bedrooms, and within the confines of mental health and reformatory institutions. The book is fun to do alone or with others. Completing the book with a loved one, friends, or intimate partners is an excellent way to gain further insights and understanding of those closest to us. Within the book are thirty illustrations and thirty questions. The questions have three parts; a negative to confront the issue, a positive to create a defense, and then a solution to ponder as you write, color, and draw.

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Creating “Meet Your Monsters” was a great learning experience, affecting my relationship with myself, to others, and to my artwork. I believe art is a spiritual experience which is largely influenced by the external, be it social, personal, or merely hypothetical. This belief leads me to think that art is ultimately a tool that can enable healing. Through art, we can discover reflection, and through this, we can begin to listen to our higher selves, our creative selves. It is my belief that by listening to creative inspirations we can listen to the divine forces of this universe. This force is the all powerful force of this earth, and it is this energy that can heal us. Art is an external force which can instantly or over time change the perception of the people that view and participate in the art. My mental health directly links to my artwork. The angst, anger, frustration, jealousies, depressions, the fears, these emotions, and tendencies have influenced so much of my artwork. In creating this book, I was forced to face all of the questions in the book, multiple times, in many states of mind.FullSizeRender

An enormous amount of inspiration to make “Meet Your Monsters” came from my father who was a nurse practitioner at the Arkansas Valley mental health institute. His passion for healing and helping inspired me in numerous many ways, this book being the most directly. My father died and never got to see the finished copy of the book, this book is dedicated to him.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon.

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