Matte Refic

Matte Refic is a multi-media artist living and working in Pueblo Colorado. Refic is most well known for his exterior mural work throughout the city of Pueblo.

Matte Refic has worked as a professional artist for 15 years. His work comprises projects of various mediums, sizes, forms, and styles. From painting, sculpting, carpentry, architecture, video and noise experimentation.  Matte Refic murals are seen across Pueblo and around the globe.

Refic was born in Colorado Springs in 1982 and raised in Pueblo.  In 2000 Refic moved to Boston to Pursue a career and education in the arts. Finding tuition burdensome and restricting, and at the advice of a respected art advisor at SMFA, Refic continued to pursue his work primarily as a street/graffiti artist.

After Boston, Refic wandered around the country, landing in Los Angeles in 2002.  In L.A. Refic worked as a gallery artist, illustrator, designer, and in many other art professions.   Remaining connected to the graffiti art scene and perusing higher education all the while.

In 2012 Refic moved to Australia where he continued his career and education as a public and gallery artist.

In 2013 Refic moved back to Pueblo and began the work on “The Village Walls” project.

“The Village Walls” are the collected mural works of Refic’s in Pueblo.  The collection comprises murals Refic has collaborated with other artists on, facilitated paint and space for other artists to paint, or he has painted solo. The project consists of dozens of murals across the city of Pueblo.

Refic is a social interaction artist. Emphasizing the invocation of positive mental attitudes in those who view the art.  The intention of the work is to bring people together in public spaces to have shared experiences and bond over art. The goal of Refic’s work is to affect the culture of Pueblo to have a noticeable reduction in neglect, and likely poverty and crime. This will have the effect of reducing the fear associated with abandonment prevalent in Pueblo. This facilitates bridge-making between all the different communities within Pueblo.

Art as a bridge maker, Matte Refic as the facilitator.