The Birds

Ceiling mural inside of the Neon Alley Bistro in Pueblo Colorado.

Up in the sky, through days and across the night, these winged creatures dominate the skies. All shapes and sizes, interacting with the wind in such a fashion as to experience a freedom that few humans can or could ever understand.

Birds come in all shapes and sizes, temperaments, and colors.
Beautiful, loving, aggressive and curious, each bird has personality and adaptations, producing a species as unique as the universe could create.

I dream of being a bird, I pretend, arms open, the wind across my skin the freedom and the feelings. This is exploration, artistic freedom, the ability to move, wings spread. Floating through life with the total interaction of environments.

To be a bird, the liberation and daily experiences unlike anything that we will ever know. To live in a world where all of the existence can be interacted with must be the most magnificent of feelings.

“The Birds” were originally commissioned by “Songbird Cellars” to be an art installation/mural within their music venue. The concept developed when figuring ways to paint a ceiling which would be manageable for me to execute as well as be aesthetically pleasing. The idea also came from the venues name. As a result, I painted numerous types of birds flying around, giving the impression of sky overhead filled with these beautiful winged creatures.

The simplicity of working with just black and white was a joy in that it allowed me to focus on the painting and the composition more than that of choosing the colors. However, birds are very colorful and beautiful animals, and the use of color would have been a great joy when painting many of these birds. The painting took seven days to complete.

Songbird Cellars has since moved locations, but the birds on the ceiling now take flight in a fresh new establishment.

The Neon Alley Bistro is the buildings new tenant. The Bistro is a restaurant and cafe serving coffee and European cuisine. The Neon Alley Bistro is one the finest places to eat and socialize in Pueblo. The coffee and food menus are world class. The staff is quite enjoyable to match the fantastic location. The Bistro pulls its name from its location inside of the Neon Alley. If you are in the downtown area or are visiting Pueblo for the first time, make sure to check out the Neon Alley Bistro, you are sure to be pleased.

The food at the bistro is tremendous. I highly recommend anybody that visits Pueblo or the Neon Alley should experience the Neon Alley Bistro. It really is a must.

“The Neon Alley” is an art installation in the heart of Pueblo. Situated in the alley between Union and Victoria, it stretches from B Street to C street. The Neon Alley of Pueblo is one of the coolest art installations in the state of Colorado.

If you walk down the alley to the Riverwalk, you will see many other murals which I did in conjunction with other businesses as well at the Pueblo Urban renewal Authority.

My favorite thing to do is explore the city, and what a wonderful addition to my life that this building and this particular alley have been.

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