Dark Entities and the Heart

“Dark Entities and the Heart” Explores the ways in which the ways we are thinking about relationships with people of even things actually represents our actual relationship with them.

The Shadow is a new show that I have been developing where I aim to teach the ways in which art and creative processes can help to deal with mental health issues.  If you like the show please let me know.  And if you really like the show feel free to donate to the cause for me to make more episodes, teach more classes, and create more art.

Find Your Words

Suicide is a topic that has for many years been near to me.  Through my life, I have known several people who have killed themselves.  My community and the nation at large is facing an astounding rate of suicide.  The topic even hit home when my stepbrother killed himself.   Experiencing passive suicidal thoughts for many years of my life lead me to have many deep feelings on the topic.  These suicidal thoughts have receded as I age and learn to cope with life better.  The thought of suicide is a concept we get exposed to and then either carry with us or let go.  For me, I carried these thoughts for years and from time to time the idea still comes to my mind.  Now the thoughts are of sympathy and of ways to alleviate these thoughts and feeling from our community

“Find Your Words “ is a public art campaign created by Kaiser Permanente with the goal of raising awareness about mental health and suicide. The city of Pueblo was chosen to host an installment of this campaign. The painting is sectioned into three parts all repeating the phrase “WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER”.  The artists involved in the project were The Creatures Crew and Mike Fudge and then we worked as a group with The Boys and Girls Club, The Daisy Girls and other local children to create the third section of the wall.  It was great to work with Kaiser Permanent on a project related to suicide and mental health awareness.  Pueblo suffers a high suicide rate.  It was a great honor to use my voice and my art skills to help remove the stigmas surrounding the talking about mental health and suicide. Continue reading “Find Your Words”

Dusk to Dawn



It took nearly two years for the project to come to fruition, but it finally happened; I painted a mural with a group of inmates from Florence Prison Camp outside of the prison walls in the town of Canon City.  As a group project, we painted a 45-foot long mural inside of the Prison Museum.  Working on this project was the incredibly fulfilling and also an educational experience like none I have had.  Spending a total of six days with the guys, we accomplished an impressive mural to the benefit of the public. Continue reading “Dusk to Dawn”

SwitchKnives Reversed

Pull the blade, reveal the shank, grasp the shiv, unsheathe the knife, prepare for penetration; behind, behind, further behind, all the way back, the furthest way around. Sting, burn, drip, drip, drip goes the blood. The tip enters, thoughts occur, feelings follow. The pain, the deepest feelings. The out of sight slicing, cutting, slashing, sticking, shanking, the stabbing in the back. Continue reading “SwitchKnives Reversed”

Home Less

The Construction of a cardboard village had my mind running, my imagination turning. First, the excitement of making new things and then the sadness of the state of our community would come to mind.  From seeing all the trash that we discard daily, to confronting issues of use and re-use, and each of our “places” in society.  Building cardboard houses most notably lead me to think about homelessness.

Continue reading “Home Less”

The Villagers: Layer1

Cardboard dwelling of the darkest figures in a part of town that you might not want to wander through by happenstance.  The dark alley’s, the graffiti, the buff squad, the war on free speech vs. the war on the property.  The characters, the villains, the heroes, the village has stories written on the walls and stories written in the hearts.

The “Villagers: Layer” is a collaborative art project designed by Matte Refic, with Olms and Vogey taking the lead on giving the piece the style street credibility needed to make a piece of art like this have relevance.

The “Villagers: Layer1” is a found art project constructed almost entirely out of recycled materials. All of the structures are made from cardboard and leftover paint. The only materials purchased were tape and razor blades.

Being made out of cardboard, the idea of homelessness was brought to mind many times. Our community faces much homelessness. From those who wander to those who have no place to go. Ages, races, and genders of all types face this issue, we as a community face this matter. If it were up to me, all the abandoned buildings could house those with no other place to go. I would make villages free of charge so all those who need a shelter can have one.

Cardboard has so many possibilities of use with its versatility and ease of manipulation. With minimal effort, we constructed an entire miniature village out of the material in two weeks. All of the cardboard is recycled, most of it was found in the area surrounding the gallery.

The villagers themselves are the characters in the story. They are made out of cardboard and loosely represent a few of the characters that live in our community. Nothing inspires me more than the streets of Pueblo, and from that point of view, I see an authentic side of the city that often goes unnoticed. These are those characters and watch how these stories unfold and shape up.

The Village tells a story of rebellion and suppression, of resistance and an unspoken war on free speech, vandalism, property, and neglect. We see throughout our village, graffiti and the dulled paint squares that cover these marking. Then more graffiti, and until this day, so the story goes. And when the final government cleaning crew has been sent the final tags will be thrown up. We don’t often pay attention to this scene, but if you look close, you can see an entire story taking place.

The villagers: Layer1 will be on display until Wednesday, October 11th at songbird cellars 129 e.Abriendo Pueblo Colorado. The piece will re-emerge as part of another installation in the near future.

Check out the new “Vagosprayer” Teeshirt and support the art and the movement.




The Crystal thief

Villager3 copy

Stealing the magic of our days this little thief appears out of thin air.  Taking our days and our nights and making our time worth less than the breaths we forget each day. Depression, anxiety, stress, all these names, perhaps one monster, perhaps many.  All the forms of darkness take one form and take the forms of many. Continue reading “The Crystal thief”

The Villagers

villager1Look… Look Closer…

The Villagers are there along with rising and setting of the sun and the moon in a cycle of light and dark.

When the worlds get reversed and the daydream walkers sleep and the night walkers begin to rise. The underworld becomes the outer-world as the dream world washes over. DMT trips silence the sight, and the Devils run free.

This city has characters that live in the shadows Continue reading “The Villagers”


While you were sleeping the nightmares showed up.

When our eyes were closed the monsters moved in.

Our village is consumed with terror.

We are the villagers, and we must wake up.

We must arise.

It’s in the places that we don’t look, at the times when we can’t see that the darkness has set in. We pretend it’s fake like it’s invisible like it’s not real.  We wait for a source of light to manifest and remove these evils, but it never comes.  Not in years of waiting Continue reading “Dreamy”

Drippy Pueblo Fundraiser


Pueblo Colorado is our Village. “The Village Walls” is a public art project in which numerous murals will be painted throughout the city. The goal of the project is to address many of our cities problems through art and to create more interesting public spaces. Proceeds from sales of these shirts will go towards making murals throughout the city of Pueblo. Murals range in price from $100 to several thousand depending on the size and complexity. With your help we can work together to make Pueblo a more beautiful place for ourselves and future generations. Keep up to date with the project at www.matterefic.com “Drippy Pueblo” is available in 3 styles, women’s, men’s, and a hoodie for the cooler winter and fall which is quickly approaching.



Deep in our guts live terrible ghosts that disrupt our very beings in each and every moment. The ghosts, these invisible sources of power that influence our every behavior.

These beings come as gifts from loved ones and neighbors, from lives past, and circumstances historic.

So much despair is driven by the artist! The pain becomes the most powerful emotion, the highest form of inspiration. The transmutation of feelings into realization is the result of this tremendous strength gained.

Creativity exists within many circumstances two of which being anxiety and necessity. In anxiety, we create to escape the discomfort of reality. In necessity based creativity a problem is being solved.

While one affects the way we feel emotionally, the other often affects how we interact with reality.

Art inspired by anxieties have the most feeling and deal with the most ghosts.

The ghosts which affect us most are those which we ponder continuously but never actually see manifest.

A few ghosts to consider; which may be best not to consider; but mostly should be considered, especially in the making of art.

Anxiety, the devil delivers the vibrations of the death rattle of invisible morbidity about unknown circumstances.

Fear, makes our greatest opportunities seem like poison to be avoided at all costs when in fact the fruit is as sweet as you thought it would be.

Insecurity stabs from the genitals up a pervasive all consuming demon of bad decisions and deteriorating fundamentals.

Sadness, the dark-dark-darkness from the place unseen yet always present behind the curtains of ideas that may not accurately reflect reality but instead reflect ideas that we create to give rise to emotions so that we can feel.

Depression, the driving force for the desperate within the look at me look at me culture that has become the pop culture of our times.
Daily reminders that advertising is god.





This darkness is the kind one, the revealing of the dust swept under the rug.

Always we must feel-feel- feel. That is humanity. As we prepare for the rise of mechanization, we must always remain with our humanity. For it is with our humanity, with emotion that the greatest ideas come to be. The fear is that within perfection we shall cease to find purpose.

To seek ghosts, to find failure, is the highest form of living, for only in failure shall we ever know success. Always seek the fears that bind us. For it is within our moments of defeat that we can find the strength to carry on. And it is with this strength that we can be free to create all that we could ever desire.

While ghosts take many forms, in this case, one form always remains the same, that of the teacher. For it is our ghosts which reveal to us our biggest fears and our greatest opportunities for growth.



Or what better way could we say this?
It’s almost a delicate way of saying an impolite thing.

Do you often find yourself not saying the things you need to say?
Do you ever hold your tongue?
Do you speak differently around different people?
Have you ever burst out with a naughty word and an incredibly awkward moment?

The Fancy Book of Curse Words” is a celebration of these awkward moments. Inside Continue reading “WHAT THE FUCK WAS I THINKING, you may ask?”

Graffiti my Heart, Pueblo.​

http://www.chieftain.com/news/pueblo/pueblo-police-on-the-lookout-for-mop-taggers/article_732cd07a-9b68-571f-8ad8-c01945a05720.html My town has graffiti; I love graffiti, I love to see graffiti. As a youth it was graffiti that gave me my outlet, it gave me my voice, my freedom. Graffiti gave me my closest friends and my greatest lessons. Graffiti has defined me since my youth, and I am proud to call myself a graffiti artist. Continue reading “Graffiti my Heart, Pueblo.​”

Bessemer locals, locos.

I had the absolute pleasure to be able to paint with two of my greatest friends I’ve known. Vogey and Grips, are among my favorite artists and crewmates. The painting is located in a part of town known for is lively characters, vibrant nightlife, exotic culture, and gourmet cuisine. The part of the city is Bessemer, Pueblo. My town, Creaturesville, the hood we claim, and the community that supported our rise. Continue reading “Bessemer locals, locos.”

Cruisin Pueblo Street Art Ride

The Cruisin Pueblo Street Art Ride on Thursday was incredible.  We had nearly 60 riders come along for the experience.  It was such a  great pleasure leading a group to view murals and some of my favorite parts of the city.  Giving the tour on bicycles was the perfect way for experiencing the murals.  Bicycle exploration of the city is such a large part of my creative process.  From my bicycle, I find inspirations and new locations for paintings. Continue reading “Cruisin Pueblo Street Art Ride”

Lake Havasu Mural Video


Lake Havasu, Arizona, is the location of a project that I completed in late November of 2016. The mural is painted at the vacation residence of my cousin Dawn. Dawn was a very kind relative that housed me during my transition to California from Colorado in the early 2000s. It was always the deal that I would paint a large painting in exchange for the housing. And 13 years later I finally was able to deliver my end of the deal. Continue reading “Lake Havasu Mural Video”

Wall Of Wonder

In 2015 a call for artists was issued for an artist to paint the south facing wall of the Sangre De Cristo Arts and Conference Center and Buell Children’s Museum. In October 2015 I was awarded the commission, and in late October 2016 the Mural began its construction and was completed in the early part of November. Titled the “Wall Of Wonder,” the painting was completed over the course of 16 days. The original concept of the work formed a year earlier when I met with museum director Jim Richardson. After the call for artist went out and I received selection as the artist, then Jim and I went back and forth on the design until we arrived at this final version. Continue reading “Wall Of Wonder”


Being my first blog post, I thought that I should dedicate it to describing a bit about myself to begin getting used to the process of blogging.   This blog will be utilized as a means to distribute my art and also as a part of my collective body of work itself.  I will be showcasing projects through essays, videos, photos, and any other relative medium.  I will also be creating content exclusively for the web and distribute the work through this site.

As an artist, my artwork varies widely in applications and mediums.    For the past few years, I have focused mainly on painting murals in the city of Pueblo Colorado.  I am also a multimedia artist using cameras, computers, and various programs to create books, videos, and sounds.

Blogging and sharing culture has of recently has been the primary focus of my interest.  I hope to use this medium to grow as and artist and to share my ideas, opinions, and creations publically.  I hope that you all find some interesting things here. Thank you for looking.