Cruisin Pueblo Street Art Ride

The Cruisin Pueblo Street Art Ride on Thursday was incredible.  We had nearly 60 riders come along for the experience.  It was such a  great pleasure leading a group to view murals and some of my favorite parts of the city.  Giving the tour on bicycles was the perfect way for experiencing the murals.  Bicycle exploration of the city is such a large part of my creative process.  From my bicycle, I find inspirations and new locations for paintings.

This group bicycle ride was my fist attempt at creating a tour based around the street and mural art in Pueblo.  It was an absolute blast, I feel that it created excellent engagement with our community and it was educational for many.19143034_10213052080166470_924552645516906973_o

Murals are a powerful way to create community involvement and add character to otherwise neglected areas of town.  Through public art projects like the murals, and creating unique routes through the city, I hope to bring Puebloans out into the city, our of their cars, and away from their screens.  Through creating social engagement in art, I aim to contribute to a community where arts thrive, and new and emerging artists feel comfortable to be openly expressive and innovative.19143995_1578299642182981_6001789487344019357_oMy ultimate goal is to make Pueblo an arts destination for the state of Colorado, and for the nation.  I think that through community building events like the group bicycle rides and public art displays, we will be able to make Pueblo into a very magnificent place to live and visit.


I hope to be as much a part of this new Pueblo as I can.  My plan is to raise money and continue to build more public art projects and community events.  I believe that crowdfunding is one of the greatest things about our generation, especially for the arts.  Currently, I am raising money through tee shirt sales online.

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