While you were sleeping the nightmares showed up.

When our eyes were closed the monsters moved in.

Our village is consumed with terror.

We are the villagers, and we must wake up.

We must arise.

It’s in the places that we don’t look, at the times when we can’t see that the darkness has set in. We pretend it’s fake like it’s invisible like it’s not real.  We wait for a source of light to manifest and remove these evils, but it never comes.  Not in years of waiting.

This isn’t a dream, this has become our reality.

Our problems are not going to away on their own.  It is up to us to fix them.  The first thing to do so is to become aware of what our problems are.

Being a street artist I am always on the streets and my perspective on the problems in this town are probably different from others.  These problem areas are the places where I often work.  I see a city filled with drugs, violence, and neglect on every corner on every street.  This isn’t all I see, I see other things too. I see a city filled with life and love, family, and friendships.  A city filled with hope and an abundance of energy to make all the change we could ever desire.

These problems are not going to go away on their own.  If we the members of this community don’t act now it may become too late.

Through public art, we can create unique spaces to visit and socialize in, but most importantly we can show we care about the community we live in.  That we don’t ignore and neglect it.

Pueblo means village in Spanish, this is our village and we are the villagers.

The village walls is a celebration for the members of our community and a way to address the topics and areas of town that need the most attention.

It is as a community that together we can make the changes we need most.  Working together we can make this community among the leaders of creativity in the state.

Donations to this project are to support numerous murals and community projects throughout the city.  Any amount helps.  Thank you.

This painting is located in the alley behind Bingo Burger in Pueblo.  Check out the wall and get the best burgers in town at the same time.  Join in and explore our wonderful city.


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