Deep in our guts live terrible ghosts that disrupt our very beings in each and every moment. The ghosts, these invisible sources of power that influence our every behavior.

These beings come as gifts from loved ones and neighbors, from lives past, and circumstances historic.

So much despair is driven by the artist! The pain becomes the most powerful emotion, the highest form of inspiration. The transmutation of feelings into realization is the result of this tremendous strength gained.

Creativity exists within many circumstances two of which being anxiety and necessity. In anxiety, we create to escape the discomfort of reality. In necessity based creativity a problem is being solved.

While one affects the way we feel emotionally, the other often affects how we interact with reality.

Art inspired by anxieties have the most feeling and deal with the most ghosts.

The ghosts which affect us most are those which we ponder continuously but never actually see manifest.

A few ghosts to consider; which may be best not to consider; but mostly should be considered, especially in the making of art.

Anxiety, the devil delivers the vibrations of the death rattle of invisible morbidity about unknown circumstances.

Fear, makes our greatest opportunities seem like poison to be avoided at all costs when in fact the fruit is as sweet as you thought it would be.

Insecurity stabs from the genitals up a pervasive all consuming demon of bad decisions and deteriorating fundamentals.

Sadness, the dark-dark-darkness from the place unseen yet always present behind the curtains of ideas that may not accurately reflect reality but instead reflect ideas that we create to give rise to emotions so that we can feel.

Depression, the driving force for the desperate within the look at me look at me culture that has become the pop culture of our times.
Daily reminders that advertising is god.





This darkness is the kind one, the revealing of the dust swept under the rug.

Always we must feel-feel- feel. That is humanity. As we prepare for the rise of mechanization, we must always remain with our humanity. For it is with our humanity, with emotion that the greatest ideas come to be. The fear is that within perfection we shall cease to find purpose.

To seek ghosts, to find failure, is the highest form of living, for only in failure shall we ever know success. Always seek the fears that bind us. For it is within our moments of defeat that we can find the strength to carry on. And it is with this strength that we can be free to create all that we could ever desire.

While ghosts take many forms, in this case, one form always remains the same, that of the teacher. For it is our ghosts which reveal to us our biggest fears and our greatest opportunities for growth.


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