In Alphabetical Disorder

How reading the wrong way made me an effective artist.

Lettering has been an art form that has been an enormous influence on my work in various aspects over the years. These funny shaped little characters tell stories, teach lessons, and create bonds that are both real and imagined. These artistic masterpieces of form have shaped our world more than any other thing that is of human invention. The creation of methods of sharing information was of the utmost importance for the shaping of our civilization, our culture, our entire way of life.

Graffiti art has been the largest influence on my artwork, my personality, and my life experience by far. It was as a youth that I fell in love with the art form. At ten years of age, I started doing my graffiti. My older brother got me watching YO! MTV RAPS, and it was in these hip hop videos that I first saw graffiti, and it was love at first sight.  This early love affair with hip hop set forth my long term course in life.  That of a professional spray painter and artist.

Graffiti represent’s a form of freedom all its own. What is most attractive about the art is the act of rebellion required for its completion. Graffiti require’s an attitude of disdain for authority.  Graffiti art is typography abstracted; I often refer to it as jazz typography. These funky little letters create a sub culture driven by egos the size of China. The graffiti culture is one where originality is of the utmost importance and being a “biter” is a sin almost as deadly as talking to the cops. Graffiti is a subculture that for the most part is only influenced by the people who participate in it. It was from my study and practice of graffiti art that I came up with the idea for making characters out of letters.

Sign painting is another form of lettering that presented its path to me at a young age. My first apprenticeship was under a car pinstriper who also painted lettering on cars and signs. This apprenticeship was fundamental training for my future career as a muralist. Throughout the years I have worked on various sign painting jobs big and small.




Lettering artists have been my closest friends and greatest teachers. Even though I pursued a career as a muralist, it was my education in graffiti and sign lettering that helped me grow and achieve my goals as a muralist and large scale painter.




In Alphabetical Disorder is a series of illustrations where characters take the shape of letters. The characters are doing an action which written with words starting only with that letter. The book is a funny, dark, and surreal look at typography and plays on words. It’s like the characters are characters and all types of types.

In Alphabetical Disorder is available at and through my web store.






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