Our Brains are Being Eaten on The Internet


Is the internet a data machine creating the pulse for intelligence far greater than any one person can express?

Loops are like my mind running around in circles!

In a world of GIF’s and memes, we have simplified the human experience into short clips and simple phrases.

Loops are mimicking human thought.  By making loops of pictures and sounds, we can create complex ideas and replicate the human thought experience. We can express infinite ideas about thinking, learning, and existence within the constraints of looped images, making it an incredibly useful art form.

We as humans have thoughts and mimic these loops in our day to day lives. All of the mental models that we have stored in our heads for all of our lives have been playing in various loops continuously forever.  Like a DJ playing tracks, breakbeats in our heads, the loops go on and on.

Our minds think of very few categories. Oral sex, stacks of things, stupid decisions, art, family, dramas, and various other intellectual topics, etc.  All of us are different in what our loops play, but similar in that we are all continuously circling in thought. Our thoughts are either on auto-play or under conscious control. Then the wizards we are, project the elements of these ideas into our consciousness, and our reality plays on repeat day after day until the loops change. Circles of thought can enslave us, and can also be our slaves. If we create the loops in our minds that we wish to be our reality, those loops very soon will be our at our feet. Loops consist of sounds, and sights, and feeling. It is a wondrous tool for manifestation.

For many of us, our thoughts often wander, by our choice, to that of the dark side of thinking. We loop in our minds a constant series of negative thoughts influenced by current situations. The greatest pursuit in life is education and growth and there is no better way to achieve this than confronting that which we fear, and walking through the darkness.  An abundance of art expresses much darkness and despair. Artists do this because this is what their minds are looping around. Our goal should always be to make the loop into a positive experience. Our main work in life is to play all of the negative loops that we encounter and confront them, then express them in art, acknowledge the passing of the drama, and then move onto the next. In this way, the drama has become our greatest teacher and closest ally.


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I believe that the hero in most stories is the villain, for if not for the villain’s deeds the savior never would have risen to the occasion. Like a two edged sword, the world needs dark just as much as it needs light and this is the loop that plays the reality we call life. The role of the darkness is to reveal the light.

In the making of looping images, I have found an amusing and expressive way to explain complex thoughts in a static yet moving way.

I have always considered myself a multi media artist in that I work with many different media.   For the past 5 years, I have taken a keen interest in digital medias like Photoshop and movie editing. For many years before that I avoided, or maybe I procrastinated making digital art, but eventually, circumstances lead to me learning Adobe Illustrator.   Now I know numerous computer programs. You will see much more work in this form from me in the future. I am working on building more interactive art which will embody video, projection, and sound. For now, though I am using my blog as my testing, learning, and publishing forum.


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I haven’t quite figured out what this art really is or what I want to do with it. I figure that it is stacks of things on top of stuff moving around things. Moving thoughts moving pictures, back and forth back and forth. I have been using looping images for many of my blog post headings and Instagram posts.

Please comment with your thoughts and experiences with looping images. I’m looking to grow as a moving picture artist so any suggestions and feedback would be much appreciated.

Have a look at my website and read my thoughts on other topics. I try and reveal more about my art and creative processes. As well as my opinions on things.

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