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Cruisin Pueblo Street Art Ride

The Cruisin Pueblo Street Art Ride on Thursday was incredible.  We had nearly 60 riders come along for the experience.  It was such a  great pleasure leading a group to view murals and some of my favorite parts of the city.  Giving the tour on bicycles was the perfect way for experiencing the murals.  Bicycle exploration of the city is such a large part of my creative process.  From my bicycle, I find inspirations and new locations for paintings.

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The Village Walls

The Village Walls ladies tee 

The Village Walls T-shirt

Pueblo Colorado is our Village, and the walls in our village are special.  Our village takes pride in their walls; our village supports the arts.  Over the past several years I have been painting murals throughout Pueblo.  The vast majority of the work has been donated by my friends and I.  Much of the work many have you have seen, and perhaps much of it, you have not.  I am aiming to raise money through sales of this shirt to finish up a couple of projects that I currently have in the works and to make a map so that I can show the rest of you where all the murals are.

Lake Havasu Mural Video


Lake Havasu, Arizona, is the location of a project that I completed in late November of 2016. The mural is painted at the vacation residence of my cousin Dawn. Dawn was a very kind relative that housed me during my transition to California from Colorado in the early 2000s. It was always the deal that I would paint a large painting in exchange for the housing. And 13 years later I finally was able to deliver my end of the deal.

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Wall Of Wonder

In 2015 a call for artists was issued for an artist to paint the south facing wall of the Sangre De Cristo Arts and Conference Center and Buell Children’s Museum. In October 2015 I was awarded the commission, and in late October 2016 the Mural began its construction and was completed in the early part of November. Titled the “Wall Of Wonder,” the painting was completed over the course of 16 days. The original concept of the work formed a year earlier when I met with museum director Jim Richardson. After the call for artist went out and I received selection as the artist, then Jim and I went back and forth on the design until we arrived at this final version.