Being my first blog post, I thought that I should dedicate it to describing a bit about myself to begin getting used to the process of blogging.   This blog will be utilized as a means to distribute my art and also as a part of my collective body of work itself.  I will be showcasing projects through essays, videos, photos, and any other relative medium.  I will also be creating content exclusively for the web and distribute the work through this site.

As an artist, my artwork varies widely in applications and mediums.    For the past few years, I have focused mainly on painting murals in the city of Pueblo Colorado.  I am also a multimedia artist using cameras, computers, and various programs to create books, videos, and sounds.

Blogging and sharing culture has of recently has been the primary focus of my interest.  I hope to use this medium to grow as and artist and to share my ideas, opinions, and creations publically.  I hope that you all find some interesting things here. Thank you for looking.


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