Sad Sad City

Sad Sad City, The state mental case, Pueblo: A love story, tragically.

A city with depressive tendencies.

Symptoms include: recklessness, passively actively suicidal, manic, anxious, drug addictions likely.


This city has the plague of poverty, the disease of sabotaging success.  The lingering stench of corpses, then sightings of the ghosts from the massacres that occurred.. Bear witness to our landscape.  Traumatized DNA gave our city weak bones to stand up on.

Have you noticed??

The current flows against the population in an uphill struggle around here?  In lands forsaken by gods, the devils take hold of the populations, born to thrive but stuck with a habit of acceptance.   The devil isn’t here, just every sign that he is.  The devil doesn’t show his face, just the back of the head as you see shadows overwhelm.

My city is depressed, Really Really depressed.

The Cure for…

Chemically imbalanced populations, economically imbalanced systems of existence, traumas, low self-esteem.  What then when a crime is the most reliable form of income?  Drugs open the escape hatches that the rest of us can’t seem to come together to create.  Trash piles up like trends bought and sold to us through years of false advertising.  The distribution of things made just for consumption’s sake.

Look past the…

Lack of self-expression, lack of the truth, lack of a vision.   Laziness sets in, bred like rabbits in a system that takes all the good and gives just enough to die slowly.

Complacency is the only worship we know now.

Look past the fact that…

The crowning achievement of our educational system is the knowledge that our educational system teaches us next to nothing and the rest is not quite true.

Forget that. We ARE:

Slaves to the system, subconscious realizations that the way things are, are not at all how things ought to be.

But have you seen the SunRises?

Depression is affecting countless communities.  By wearing this Sad Sad City Shirt you are showing your solidarity with the other humans and other communities that suffer from this epidemic.  Pueblo is to lead the way in changing and healing the sadness that has swept over so many.

Our goal is to add as much art as possible to this city.  By wearing these shirts you help to create murals and also share ideas via the murals and shirts which ultimately are for the greater good of our city.

Get your shirt here at today and show support for the city which we all love


Painting murals and installing public art are inexpensive and interesting ways to quickly change a cities image.  The objective of my art is to enhance the cities image where it can stand as a beacon of pride of the creative efforts of the community.

As a public artist, I observe landscapes, and Pueblo looks like it needs heaps of work, but not an impossible amount.  Working together we can bring to life the magical fucking place we have the potential to be.  The time for us to embrace our true beauty is now.

My development as an artist has evolved in such ways as to realize the effect art has on People.  It usually is a positive experience both for the practitioners and the viewers.  In this way, art is very therapeutic.  Art is also therapeutic in that it gives an outlet for self-expression.  The sharing of ideas is often all it takes to solve a problem.  Through visual art, we can express emotional ideas and concepts that can be put into words.

This has become the inspiration for my mural and community artwork in Pueblo.  I believe that through changing the atmosphere in which we live we can change the state of mind of the whole community.

Often times the images I make are dark and address the negative side of things.  This to raise awareness of the problems I have internally and perhaps the problems we have as a whole. My belief that through raising awareness we can also raise spirits and encourage a better future for us all.  The intention of my work is always for the betterment of everything that the work is applied to.  By making designs and expressing ideas that are negative I bring attention and encourage solution finding of topics in an effort to alleviate the problems.  This is the meaning of the Down-Lo series of shirts and blog posts.

Head to Teespring and get your Sad Sad City shirt.   When you purchase these shirts it supports the beautification of the town and to add more creative thinking to our community.

Let us join together and over the next year make Pueblo the most artistic place which it has ever been.  Let’s all work together and make this city one of the great cities of the United States.


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