SwitchKnives Reversed

Pull the blade, reveal the shank, grasp the shiv, unsheathe the knife, prepare for penetration; behind, behind, further behind, all the way back, the furthest way around. Sting, burn, drip, drip, drip goes the blood. The tip enters, thoughts occur, feelings follow. The pain, the deepest feelings. The out of sight slicing, cutting, slashing, sticking, shanking, the stabbing in the back.

Deceit, lies, betrayal, disloyalty, cheating, stealing, dealing the everyday occurrences, daily rituals. Inspirations; for living, for entire generations, one after the other. The sorrows, the anger, the disappointments, disagreements, and the jealousies. Fears, miscommunications, differences of opinions and blatant manipulations.

Every one of us sees the world through our unique perspectives creating immense diversity in our realities. Very rarely do any of us take actions we feel are wrong, yet so often, we all get the feeling of being stabbed in the back. From our point of view, we stand ignorant of the knives we so often stick in others backs. Without intent, a selfish act hurts another, penetrating so deeply. When our desires don’t align, and our actions reflect lies, we experience betrayals. Creating a distorted reality leading to ideas and feelings which we project onto others without even being aware. Inflicting permanent pains and injuries, unaware of our actions in the slightest.

This steel becomes burdensome on our spines, weighing us down. The sharp negativity we hold pinned, the lack of control, these are the ideas and things in life which hold us back and down. If we don’t learn to remove and leave behind the knives we don’t need, if we don’t take control of and dislodge these blades, life can become impossible. The mass of the pain, the gravity, can pull us down past the point of being able to rise in life. This weight can destroy the soul and make invisible our creative force.

So many knives we stick into our backs, pushing them in ourselves. Choosing the people we associate with and the decisions we make. We involve ourselves in toxic partnerships and tolerate them all the while. Other knives we have no choice, they choose us. When an energy projects its violent end towards us, we can often find ourselves with new reminders of our inadequacies, posted semi-permanently into our backs.

Life experiences, one by one, resembling a death by a thousand cuts, played out in reverse, leave punctures and scar, or bleed incessantly. Inflicted by the forged, sharpened, lengths of steel, the shivs in our backs, thrust so deeply. The pains begin to take form at the tip as our inspirations reach towards the handles. Our greatest achievements the result of the removal of blades. Growth, moving past the things that hurt us, learning the lessons that are pinning us where we are. Stuck in place until we cease to realize further the pains that we are harboring.

The warrior cares for their blades and is defended by armor. By learning to protect ourselves, to armor ourselves, we can learn to take even greater control of our experiences. We can develop defense strategies and ways of thinking that act as armor. Through controlling our thoughts, we can block ideas and experiences from remaining in our psyches without our allowing. Through exercise, learning, and practicing, we strengthen and shield our backs from knives. Learning to block attacks and deflect stabbings without hesitation. Take control of our emotional reactions and therefore take control of weaknesses before sharpened steel penetrate the space opposite our breasts. Resistance is the essential as we must learn to resist daggers. Train to harden skin, become the swordsman, the hack masters. Learn the skills, techniques, and tactics which put your knives, your lovely sharpened sabers, into your control.

Pay Back Time!

Vengeance enters the equation, fresh; new ideas come to the mind. The wheels begin turning; faster and faster and faster. We have a bright idea of sticking knives in the backs of enemies, the decadence of revenge The getting back of some misfortune, the disastrous results of some disastrous result. The plotting, planning, self-talking, and visualization of hatred flowing outwardly. This occurrence, the loss of blood, the loss, the loss, the loss. Either by causing ourselves mental harm, inaccurately hurting others, and giving our powers to another in a negative way. Killing relationships, murdering friendships, and destroying human connections, as an act of self-indulgence intended to increase a sense of power.

The knives are just beyond sight, invisible. We must make sure who, what, where, and why each knife exists. Take precautions to avoid misinterpreting these stinging reminders. Failing to see others points of views, we perceive knives in our backs inaccurately. Look at things, especially wrongdoings, from as many angles as possible to develop the clearest view. Look at the pains inflicted upon us as communications of suffering from others. Realizing that the pains others inflict on us are ours only if we accept them as so. Remove pain and suffering by refusing these unwanted, unenjoyable delicately sharpened gifts. Controlling our pains, healing them, or killing them we take control of our weapons and harness their energy. The attainment of this gives the power to discontinue the process of backstabbing, a cycle in which we can no longer be participants.

Pain can inspire us and also defeat us. Pain carries with it the potential to be transmuted into expressions and creations. When pain appears it is important to begin to work, force movement, discover the motivation, and express life. Willpower, our strength of mind, must always be trained to be stronger in this way. We must force ourselves to accept the pain and to express the feelings. Obtain the strength to remove the knives. Heal the punctures, the pinholes, the pokes in our backs. It’s through expression and creation and forgiveness that we can pull out the thorns and begin heal. The pain is our gift, the suffering our greatest source of strength in our pursuits of creative ideas. The point where feelings become expression is acute and instant. Finding form when it becomes necessary. The place where we balance our pain with our pleasure, and we can create freely. The flow state which we maintain through the focus of the mind towards the physical manifestation of some inspired or egotistical idea. Bring forth this concentration by making pain an ally and harness it’s healing power.


Having taken control of our knives, our pains, our betrayals, and deceits. With weapon in hand, we must move with caution and strategy. We must pay mind not to stab unnecessarily. We must keep our knives sharp and safe. We must never stab in the back unintentionally. Use knives to learn and create and teach and share. Use your knives to your advantage, or dispose of them and let them go. The shanks stuck in our back become ours, our weapons, our greatest strengths and tools for life. Each day should be spent reaching for the grips to the blades in our backs, pulling, removing the wrongs that we carry along with us.


Knives can be the fuel for the positivity that exists. An essential piece of the puzzle of life. The inspiration for growth and change and success.



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