The Villagers: Layer1

Cardboard dwelling of the darkest figures in a part of town that you might not want to wander through by happenstance.  The dark alley’s, the graffiti, the buff squad, the war on free speech vs. the war on the property.  The characters, the villains, the heroes, the village has stories written on the walls and stories written in the hearts.

The “Villagers: Layer” is a collaborative art project designed by Matte Refic, with Olms and Vogey taking the lead on giving the piece the style street credibility needed to make a piece of art like this have relevance.

The “Villagers: Layer1” is a found art project constructed almost entirely out of recycled materials. All of the structures are made from cardboard and leftover paint. The only materials purchased were tape and razor blades.

Being made out of cardboard, the idea of homelessness was brought to mind many times. Our community faces much homelessness. From those who wander to those who have no place to go. Ages, races, and genders of all types face this issue, we as a community face this matter. If it were up to me, all the abandoned buildings could house those with no other place to go. I would make villages free of charge so all those who need a shelter can have one.

Cardboard has so many possibilities of use with its versatility and ease of manipulation. With minimal effort, we constructed an entire miniature village out of the material in two weeks. All of the cardboard is recycled, most of it was found in the area surrounding the gallery.

The villagers themselves are the characters in the story. They are made out of cardboard and loosely represent a few of the characters that live in our community. Nothing inspires me more than the streets of Pueblo, and from that point of view, I see an authentic side of the city that often goes unnoticed. These are those characters and watch how these stories unfold and shape up.

The Village tells a story of rebellion and suppression, of resistance and an unspoken war on free speech, vandalism, property, and neglect. We see throughout our village, graffiti and the dulled paint squares that cover these marking. Then more graffiti, and until this day, so the story goes. And when the final government cleaning crew has been sent the final tags will be thrown up. We don’t often pay attention to this scene, but if you look close, you can see an entire story taking place.

The villagers: Layer1 will be on display until Wednesday, October 11th at songbird cellars 129 e.Abriendo Pueblo Colorado. The piece will re-emerge as part of another installation in the near future.

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