The Villagers

villager1Look… Look Closer…

The Villagers are there along with rising and setting of the sun and the moon in a cycle of light and dark.

When the worlds get reversed and the daydream walkers sleep and the night walkers begin to rise. The underworld becomes the outer-world as the dream world washes over. DMT trips silence the sight, and the Devils run free.

This city has characters that live in the shadows and the light, night and day, stories told, stories forgotten, stories personal and real.

Dark figures in the night, the lone explorer down the path along the train tracks.

The creeks wash up singular shoes. Flats and heels, boots, sandals, slippers, high-tops and who knows. Stories of miles of walking, stopping, right here right now. Until you wear these artifacts in reverse engineering fashion, then we none have a place to pass judgment.

Some see in the same community that which others fail to see. They see the neglect and the lack of attention spans in the city limits. They see fear and cowardice disguised as busy bee mentality. They see blind eyes and innocent bystanders recording video feeds of the blood spraying in their faces.

The faces of figures the stories of struggle and loss.

Neighbors, drifters, do-gooders, gangsters, saints, hustlers, teachers, con men, mothers, motherfuckers, fathers, artists, lovers, haters, vandals and builders, and breakers.
Tall small, slave and free, the city is crawling with life.

New borns drive daily while the over experienced pass away and through the veil into the next.…
Worn skins tell stories imagined and real, both foreign and domestic.

The change is upon us, the wave of despair will transform into a wave of hope and a wave of an easier way of being. Anxieties dissolve in the ether along with the fear of a better tomorrow, because we know we, the villagers, made it that way. With bravery and determination, we made what once was the place where spirits came to get lost in the place where they all go to be found.

Mansions collapse below the overpasses where kingdoms came to be buried.
The villagers meet to create the bonds, the buildings the bridges the bricks and the blunders.

With open minds and generous hearts, we shall welcome one another to the same community which we seem to have forgotten was our real identity. We found invisible borders that we just now found how to cross. Together we will become one city where people from all walks of life, from any background, are accepted and encouraged to be here.
This city radiates energy and circulates pulses of chaos. It is the time that we use this energy and create a new city where we are all proud to call home. Our great village.

Pueblo is made up of several different neighborhoods. Bessemer, The East Side, The West Side, South Side, and many other smaller neighborhoods like The Blocks, Sticker Park, and Dog Patch, and then there are apartment complexes like Smurf Village, and the Bricks to name a few.

Each of these neighborhoods has their personalities and appeals. I find joy in them all and encourage all of this villagers to learn them too.

“The Villagers” is a series of paintings which I plan to paint throughout the city of Pueblo. Pueblo is full of characters, and I am going represent and celebrate and draw attention to the people of our community. Sometimes pleasant other times dark and I will tell the story of Pueblo through a series of street art paintings which showcase the culture of Pueblo and tell a story of the triumph of good over evil.

Please help me to create this story by purchasing a shirt or making a donation below. I believe that if we work together, we can make Pueblo one of the most unique and forward thinking cities in the United States and the world.
The is our village, and we are the villagers it is our duty to make this community of the highest regard.



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