Am I contributing to the problems or helping to solve them?

How do we untuck the world? I don’t really know.

I do know that the world has its problems and that they aren’t going to fix themselves  It’s up to us.  It’s up to us to fix these problems. It’s up to us to try.

I could go into detail of how fucked it is, but why even bother.  We all are aware of the problems we face locally and globally,  and politically.  Our planet is in danger, our lifestyles are being threatened, our way of living is going to have to change.  We experience so much violence and trauma on a daily basis.  Humanity suffers, the earth suffers.

We spend so much time blaming others for the problems we experience and see in the world and also within ourselves.  But we have very little to no control of the world, we only have control of ourselves, of our decisions.  We all need to decide to make this world better, and clean this mess, and unFTW!

I don’t have all the answers, or really any at all.  But I have the belief change starts with each individual doing their best.  Doing what makes the world the best it can be.  I think it our duty as humans to leave this earth better than we found it.   We should work to make each day, each hour, and each moment, better than before.  None of us are perfect but what is important, is that we try.  It is important that we face the fears that haunt us and conquer the challenges that face us. This is life, and this philosophy is a good way to make a grand experience of it for one and for all. I believe through forgiveness, education, vision, and perseverance we can make this planet a more harmonious environment.  If each of us in our own ways aimed to make the world a better place we would be on track to actually making that happen.  Through each of our own individual efforts, we truly can reverse the “Fuck The World” attitude that we have been experiencing for so many years. We can make the earth a lovely place for everyone.

It has long been my desire to work towards making the world a better place.  I try and beautify the world through public art and creative expression of all sorts.  And I wish to continue this for my whole life.  I invite you and encourage you all to do the same.

Whether you find peace and harmony in this world through books, or meditation, or art, or psychedelic experiences,  or anything that brings you closer to being a happier person, and makes other people happy as well, this is the way we are supposed to be.

I hope that this shirt will bring you some happiness and joy.  If not it definitely would make a great gift.

This design is all about what is righteous and happy.  It represents peace and magic and the power of nature.  It promotes healing and well being and overall positive state of mind.    These concepts must come into being, they must become part of our existence

The shirt is available in three styles, and the bag is a heavyweight cotton blend designed for all your carrying needs

Purchase this shirt and stand with the tribe that is dedicated to making this place, this community, this world a better place.

Matte Refic

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