Or what better way could we say this?
It’s almost a delicate way of saying an impolite thing.

Do you often find yourself not saying the things you need to say?
Do you ever hold your tongue?
Do you speak differently around different people?
Have you ever burst out with a naughty word and an incredibly awkward moment?

The Fancy Book of Curse Words” is a celebration of these awkward moments. Inside the covers are unique and “fancy” hand drawn lettering used to write out some of the glorious vulgarities from our vocabularies. And what better way to find entertainment than reading the word “TWATLIPS” in a beautiful hand drawn font!FBCW19

In this fun new printing of Matte Refic’s classic book “The Fancy Book of Curse Words”, you will learn how Curse words have been an active part of most our vocabularies since we were children.

You will also gain insights into the creative process of a natural anti authoritarian artist.

Re-released in this new edition with an essay on Matte Refic’s personal thoughts on and experiences with curse words. Originally published in a sold out art zine in 2010

Do you use curse words as filler words?
Do you and your friend use curse words regularly?

In this book, rule breakers unite!

If you are training for the potty mouth championships, this book is for you!

Why is rebelling such a fun and important part of the growth process? One of the first acts we learn as a form of rebellion is the word no. And very soon after, the word fuck

Learn new ways of rebelling/ breaking the rules.

Why are vulgarities so funny? Because they are taboo, and this book is taboo after taboo after taboo.  This book attempts to move beyond the taboo of curse words and completely recreate the way we look at and use words.

Who gives a fuck right?


What is your favorite curse word? Maybe it’s in the book.

Do you like hand drawn illustrations?


Learn new styles of lettering designed by a The counter culture teacher Matte Refic.
In this book, we can learn how art and perception can give things multiple meanings.

As a lettering artist and advocate for vulgarities Matte Refics book of curse words is an excellent study on alternate uses of the words with the most powerful emotional meanings in our language


Expand your knowledge of swearing in this uniquely crafted book on naughty talk.

Discover the humor in using the inappropriate word at the most inappropriate of times.

Fuck the System, Love the world, UNFUCK THE WORLD!


WARNING!! Purchasing this book may give the reader a new perspective on vulgarities.

Join in this gutter-mouth celebration by purchasing the “The Fancy Book of Curse Words” today! Share in this adventure in learning new ways of experiencing typography and language.
Become a member today of the club that celebrates the dark and forbidden Side of language.

Click here now to purchase the book on Amazon. Make sure to leave a review after you get the book and learn some new ways of looking at the words that we use.


Thank you in the reading of this letter!
You truly are the greatest motherfuckers on the planet!



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